9 Jun 2018

Officium Triste + Kurb Saatus

Melodic Doom/ Death Metal

Metalfans: even aandacht erbij. Waarom? Omdat 9 juni er twee powerhouses van metal bands staan! Officium Triste en Kurb Saatus zijn twee melodic doom/ death metal bands met een sound waar je u tegen zegt, en die je voor 5,- euro niet mag missen!

Officium Triste:
Not happy with the way things were going with forerunner band Reïncremated, being mediocre mid-paced death metal, the band decided in April 1994 it was time for change. Inspired by albums of bands such as Paradise Lost, Anathema, Katatonia, My Dying Bride, Celestial Season, Type O Negative and the sound of bands like Winter, Edge Of Sanity, Entombed and Dismember the band changed their style and name. Officium Triste was born focusing on melodic doom/death metal.

In august 1994 the band recorded their first 4-track demo, simply called ‘Demo ‘94’ at Elektra in Sliedrecht, Holland.

Since then they’ve recorded several successful albums and have performed from Spain to Russia, and from London to Berlin.

Kurb Saatus:
Kurb Saatus is a melodic death metal band from Holland founded in 1994. Started out as a 4-piece formation, but soon a second guitar player was added.
In August of 1995 the first recording was released. A 4-track demo called “Kurb Saatus” on which the band tried to mix different styles of metal (Doom Death Black) in their own form. To a large extent they succeeded and responses on the demo were positive.
In 1996 the vocalist left the band and new vocalist was found.
In February of 1997 5 songs were recorded in the Excess Studio.
3 songs were released as a self-financed 3″MCD called “Never Forgotten”.This MCD sounded a bit different due to better songs and recording but still typically Kurb Saatus, after the recording of “Never Forgotten” came a long period of silence due to line-up changes.
A guitarist was replaced and with this line-up a 3track Promo MCD was recorded in 2002. Recordings were scheduled but in the following years again members left, were replaced and came back .
But now ,15 years later line-up is steady and songs are being written and recorded.



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