23 Mar 2019

The Ballet Bombs & The Empyrean


The Ballet Bombs:
The Ballet bombs are: Rubin “zwoelboy” van Nistelrooy. Erik “el cahole” van Beek and Frankie Fuzz. These psychedelic stooges push their sound to the very edge of sonic sanity with crazy interstellar oscillations, drowning reverb and speaker crunching fuzztones!
But they’d rather call themselves the Blink 182 of garage fuzz.

The Empyrean:
This alternative hardrock band from Dordrecht (NL), consisting out of brothers Ramyc & Nevyn van Nugteren and Jippe Pepijn van Niel, gets inspiration from Tool, Porcupine Tree and Black Sabbath. With two albums Forlorn (2017) and Black Empyrean (2018), The Empyrean is raw, energetic and approachably loud



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